Sunday, 30 September 2012

Crop weekend

So I went to my first crop - not well prepared - but I was productive.
Next time I know what to pack and what to be prepared to make!
I basically did my own thing while I was there!

I made this card for part of the challenges.

... and this card - but I put the buttons on when I got home!

I made these for people I promised them to for a previous challenge!

I made letters for my bulletin board at work...

... with this  and the *haunted house on the card below. (*Which turned into my card.)

This was a make and take! The truck was supposed to be red but I liked the blue! :)

This is the haunted house I made during the crop - but I used it for a challenge this week.

This was another make and take - a gift card holder!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Challenge Projects

More of my stuff! Created for group challnges!

This is a project using free files offered weekly on Creative Kuts - when you participate in completing the file offered you are eligable to get the next file - and so on.

Side view showing the flocked paper used.

This is another Creative Kuts file - I folded it wrong but I still like it!

I made this for another challenge in Scrapbook Friends and More Crafts

I love to be challnged - it gets the creative juices going!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

12 hour clean up!

Redoing my office - a 12 hour adventure!!

Yes 'Hoarders' was knocking!

View 2 - Yes I know!!

School stuff takes up 50% of the room as well!
This view is mostly school resources and books!

12 hours later!

New shelving helped!

Still loads of stuff but neatly put away!

I still have tweaking to do!

My school stuff (In the cabinet) shares the room so it is really hard to organize - but it's getting there. Plus my dream is to have my own Preschool - so that stuff will have a new home one day! :)

I am pooped now!! LOL

Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Sampling of my 'stuff'!

So here is a sampling of the things I have been making lately. I am having fun creating and learning as I go along - since I basically got into all this 'scrappy' stuff as an extension of my bulletin board creating for my classroom. I am enjoying making cards because there are so many mediums that can be used! I love to be challenged as well - ask me to create something and I probably will! :) I look forward to sharing and creating with my many on line friends who have similar interests!

My bulletin board!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Day One

Time to start sharing My Creative Obsession - not just one but perhaps a few different obsessions from time to time - stay tune.... :)

Welcome!  Leeanne A