Sunday, 23 September 2012

12 hour clean up!

Redoing my office - a 12 hour adventure!!

Yes 'Hoarders' was knocking!

View 2 - Yes I know!!

School stuff takes up 50% of the room as well!
This view is mostly school resources and books!

12 hours later!

New shelving helped!

Still loads of stuff but neatly put away!

I still have tweaking to do!

My school stuff (In the cabinet) shares the room so it is really hard to organize - but it's getting there. Plus my dream is to have my own Preschool - so that stuff will have a new home one day! :)

I am pooped now!! LOL


  1. Don't you just love the Expedit from Ikea...I want another one :O)

    1. Yeah especially since I got it for $20 at a garage sale!! :) Now my hubby says I need another one to make it even neater in there! He's right! Maybe I can find another! :)