Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Sampling of my 'stuff'!

So here is a sampling of the things I have been making lately. I am having fun creating and learning as I go along - since I basically got into all this 'scrappy' stuff as an extension of my bulletin board creating for my classroom. I am enjoying making cards because there are so many mediums that can be used! I love to be challenged as well - ask me to create something and I probably will! :) I look forward to sharing and creating with my many on line friends who have similar interests!

My bulletin board!


  1. your cover "Friends" that just a template? could you give me the recipe?

    1. Oh geeze let me see where I found the info and PM it to you on FB! I think it was CallyAnn that posted the instructions!

      Here is a good link to show you how!!